Upcard uses a system called 'offline first', meaning that it saves all your data on your device first, before syncing it with the online server and updating any other connected devices. For more information about offline first, check out offline and flight-mode in Upcard

If a newly added card or plan don't show up in the list of another connected device, make sure that both devices have an internet connection and that they are signed into the same account. 

Then, press the 'Back' button in the top left corner to leave the list view and then open the view again. This will force the list to update with the latest data and should now show your newly added card or plan.

When Upcard detects a change within your account, and your device is online, Upcard will sync all the changes on to all your devices. Syncing is indicated by three pulsing dots next to each function. Once the syncing is complete, this dots will automatically 


If you still need help, please contact us on info@upcard.io or chat with us by clicking the chat bubble in the bottom right-hand corner of this page.

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