Adding a card is fast and can accessing the 'add card' feature can be done in 2 ways.

  1. From the start screen

2. From your cards list

What does a card consist of?

A card consists of the following element, and each is required by a different function within Upcard:

  • Image - The main image of the card
  • Name -  The name of the card e.g. Apple
  • Category - The category of the card e.g. Food
  • Unit - The unit based on the category e.g. Pcs
  • Default value - The value based on the unit e.g. 1
  • Sound -  A recorded sound of the name of the card
  • Phrase section - What section the card will be displayed when using it in a phrase

Note! To be able to save a card, it must contain at least a name, an image, a category, a unit and a default value.

What about sound?

Before adding a sound, make sure that you have 'Cards Sounds' turn on in 'Settings'.

To add a sound to a card, press and hold the centre button while reciting the name of the card.

e.g. "Apple"

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