The Timer is a great way to communicate and visualise time passing. Time is a foreign concept, so Upcard makes it easy to show how much time is remaining, as well as what card the time relates to.

Opening the timer

  1. Click Menu from the start screen
  2. Click Timer in the side menu

Selecting a card

When using the timer, a card needs to be selected.

  1. Click the plus sign in the centre of the screen to open the card selector popup
  2. Click on a card to select the card and add it to the timer. If the card has a default time value, that value will be automatically added to the time field

Note: You can swipe the screen to get to the stopwatch functionality. The icon at the top of the screen indicates whether you are using the timer or the stopwatch functionality.

Adding the desired time

  1. Enter the desired time in the time field at the bottom of the screen

 Card using a unit of 'time' will automatically pre-fill the timer field with the card's default value.

Starting and stopping the timer

  1. To start the timer simply click on the card image in the middle of the screen. Tapping the card image a second time will pause the timer
  2. To save the current time click the Save button on the left hand side of the indicator icons. This will save the current time, and not the total you entered before starting the time
  3. To clear and start again, click the Reset button on the right hand side of the indicator icons
  4. To save the time, click the Save button on the left hand side of the indicator icons. This time will be saved into the tracker.

Note: To prevent the screen from going to sleep, click the toggle button. As long as this is active the screen will remain awake. If you exit the timer view, the toggle will automatically be turned off.

The timer does not work in the background. If you leave the timer view, the timer will be stopped, the view will refresh and all progress will be cleared..

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