Upcard has a number of settings that will allow you to make Upcard feel more personal, and work in the way you would like. 

Firstly, to get to the settings view, simply open up the side menu by clicking on the Menu button on the start page. Once the menu is open, click on the Settings menu item. The following is a list of things that you can change followed by a description of what this does.

  • Profile image/avatar - here you can set a different user image for the app. This image is the image that is used on the start screen inside the speech bubble used to open the speak view.
  • User's name - here you can set the user name for the app. This is to help make the app feel more personal. This can be seen at the top of the start page.
  • Number of speak cards - select the number of cards used in the speak view by sliding the button from side to side. See getting started with speak for more.
  • App color - here you can set the color of the app. This will change all the major color sections to the color you choose. This also helps make the app feel more personal.
  • Bilingual text on cards - for some families, there are more than one language used. By turning this feature on, you will now be able to have two text fields on all your cards meaning that you can have the work written in two different languages.
  • Show completed steps in planner - by default this feature is on, but by turning it off, once a step gets flipped in the planner, it will get hidden and not only show the remaining steps. For some this helps to eliminate distraction and keeps focus on the task at hand. See getting started with visual plans for more.
  • Planner notifications - by default this feature is on, but by turning it off, it will remove the reminder notification for when a plan is about to start. More about notifications.
  • Card sounds - by default this feature is on, but by turning it off, all sounds on cards will be turned off, regardless of if card has a sound attached to it or not.
  • Logout - this button will log the current user out.

If you still need help, please contact us on info@upcard.io or chat with us by clicking the chat bubble in the bottom right-hand corner of this page.

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